how to write a senior thesis

how to write a senior thesis

Jolie Valentine Matedne, “Advancing the Community: Women, Schools, and Popular Culture in the Public Library Movement,” Department of History, Cal Poly Pomona , 2001. Winner of the Anthony Brundage Senior Thesis Award, 2001-2002. Copyright Jolie Valentine Matedne.
Bryan Musslewhite, “ Beet Sugar, Cows, and Bedrooms: The Transformation of Chino from a Rural Community to a Modern Suburb,” Department of History, Cal Poly Pomona , 2005. Winner of the Brundage Senior Thesis Award, 2004-2005. Copyright Bryan MUsslewhite.

The thesis itself is written under the supervision of an advisor over the period of one semester, during which the student is enrolled in PHIL 390. The Department strongly encourages students to choose a topic in an area in which they already have background through coursework and/or previous paper assignments. Completing a senior thesis is one of the requirements for attaining departmental High Distinction.
For the philosophy major who is serious about academics and ready for a significant challenge, there is an option of writing a senior thesis. The thesis should be a paper of about 15 to 20 pages that offers a careful investigation of some philosophical problem or some portion of the thought of a historical figure. The thesis is intended to be more in-depth and demanding than a typical paper for a course, and should contain original arguments and insights rather than simple summary or exposition.


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