how to cite a master’s thesis

how to cite a master’s thesis

Hiebert, R. W. (2006). The education of children from poverty: A descriptive case study of a public school and a community school (Doctoral dissertation). Available from ProQuest Dissertation & Theses: Full Text (NR18185)
Unpublished theses and dissertations:

Example 1 – Print
N: 1. Libra Rose Hilde, “Worth a Dozen Men: Women, Nursing, and Medical Care during the American Civil War” (PhD diss., Harvard University, 2003), 295, ProQuest ( 3091579).

Thesis online: Institutional repository
May, B. (2007). A survey of radial velocities in the zodiacal dust cloud. Bristol, UK: Canopus Publishing.

  1. Fenster SD. Cloning and Characterization of Piccolo, a Novel Component of the Presynaptic Cytoskeletal Matrix [dissertation]. Birmingham: University of Alabama; 2000.


Hood, K. E. S. (2008). On beyond boo! Horror literature for children [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]. Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Ignatov, I. (2013). Eastward voyages and the late medieval European worldview [Master’s thesis, University of Canterbury]. UC Research Repository.

#. Author AA. Title of thesis: subtitle. Thesis type [format]. Location of University: University; Year. Available from: URL.
Standard format for citation

Author’s Surname, Initials. Year of completion. Title. Degree. Name of Institution, Place.

Stored in a database:
A thesis is an unpublished document produced by student as part of the requirements for the degree. They come at various levels (e.g. Honours, Masters, PhD, etc). Check with your lecturer before using a thesis for your assignment.

How to cite a master's thesis
Many doctoral dissertations and master theses are available as full text documents in USN’s online open access archives. Please note that some older student works, at the bachelor level in particular, are available as print editions only.
However, these are not complete regarding the papers that have been submitted . In addition to the electronic version s, the library also offers printed examples of some of the older works . These can be searched via Oria . Select advanced search and refine material type to dissertations , master theses or student theses . Search in the subject, title or author fields.

How to cite a master's thesis
If you’re looking for dissertations and theses from the United States, start with ProQuest.
Dissertations and master’s theses can be great tools for uncovering research that has been done in a field. This guide contains links to help users locate disserations and theses, both national and international.


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