He surely was only offering to help out a student with her dissertation when he gave her his card.
In her dissertation , McFate had asked whether ‘good anthropology’ might lead to ‘better killing.’

A dissertation is a subject you chose for yourself. The first usage of the word in the English language in 1651 also gives a useful starting definition: “an extended written treatment of a subject”.
Here’s another definition that underlines some more important characteristics of a dissertation: “a substantial paper that is typically based on original research and that gives evidence of the candidate’s mastery both of her own subject and of scholarly method.”

The masters thesis and doctoral dissertation are written documents that describe the graduate student’s research. The subject of the thesis/dissertation is chosen by mutual agreement between the student and major adviser, and must be approved by the student’s Supervisory Committee. There is no fixed length for the thesis/dissertation, although the Supervisory Committee should provide guidance on format and content.
Masters theses should reveal a capacity to carry on independent study or research and should demonstrate the student’s ability to use the techniques employed in their field of investigation. Doctoral dissertations should demonstrate technical mastery of the student’s field and advance or modify current knowledge. Dissertations should treat new material, find new results, or draw new conclusions; or it should interpret old material in a new light. It is expected that the research contained in the thesis/dissertation will be worthy of publication in appropriate peer-reviewed journals. Students are expected to prepare the manuscript(s) for publication prior to, or soon after, completion of their graduate program.

In allegato la Circolare USRC n. 13 del 01/08/2019 che stabilisce la procedura per l’individuazione delle richieste di liquidazione del SAL finale relativo gli interventi di ricostruzione privata nei centri storici dei Comuni del cratere da sottoporre a verifica puntuale, in applicazione della Circolare USRC n.12.
La verifica puntuale viene effettuata sul 30% delle richieste di liquidazione del SAL finale, individuate tra tutte quelle presentate nell’intervallo temporale intercorrente tra due sorteggi successivi (riferimento al primo del mese ad eccezione della prima estrazione).


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