why do college student write a theses

why do college student write a theses

Why do college student write a theses
The Honors College encourages its students to seek out research opportunities as part of their undergraduate experience. Undergraduate research provides students with an opportunity to contribute to their discipline in the spirit of Virginia Tech’s motto, Ut Prosim, “that I may serve.” Students apply classroom concepts in real-world situations to advance their discipline and build relationships with faculty.
Paul Knox, dean of the Honors College, facilitates a discussion among students in the program.

International postgraduates in the humanities and social sciences face particular challenges in writing English language theses, and in my experience often express these challenges negatively despite all the helpful explanations which they receive about our practices and conventions. A significant cause of difficulty may lie in the different epistemologies in which these students have been trained and in which their identities as learners are rooted. In this paper I explore this issue of identity in relation to postgraduate argument texts and examine research students’ own perceptions about their writing experience. The clear associations which these students make between their self-concepts as learners and their English language texts have, I suggest, significant implications for pedagogic practice.
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