university dissertation examples

university dissertation examples

University dissertation examples
The University Library maintains a limited selection of undergraduate student dissertations, taught postgraduate student dissertations and MPhils in electronic form. See our policies and procedures for handling dissertations and requirements for acceptance as well as information about what is included in the selection.
To quickly find dissertations and MPhils by title or course, start typing keywords in the appropriate field below. Any matches will be listed in a dropdown – the more you enter, the more precise the result. Click on any item on the list to select it. Or click ‘Advanced Search’ to find items by title & abstract, author, date, department or course, alone or in combination.

Some of the examples below are only available to access on campus.
These dissertations achieved a mark of 80 or higher:

The School retains a number of undergraduate dissertations each year for use in teaching and learning, and to celebrate the excellent quality of our students’ research activities.
The School nominates a number of undergraduate dissertations each year for UK-wide prizes. Nominated dissertations are included in this collection.

A practical dissertation focuses on primary research – you gather data yourself.
A theoretical dissertation focuses on secondary research – you use data collected and presented by other researchers to develop an argument.

University dissertation examples
Dissertations and theses offer new research by undergraduate and postgraduate students.They are a long, extended report and should include background research, methodology and experimental findings.
Not all dissertations are publicly available as some may include restricted content destined for commercial development.

Before you begin the final stages of writing your dissertation or thesis, you may want to see some examples of completed works. Information on where to locate dissertations and theses from your school at Rutgers is below. Additional information about Rutgers dissertations can be found on the separate Research Guide for Rutgers Dissertations and Theses. A more general Guide for Dissertations and Theses is also available.
To use QuickSearch to look for a Rutgers dissertation or thesis:

The dissertations are stored on Blackboard and arranged alphabetically by award title.
You can find UWE Bristol dissertations and projects in a number of ways:

The Northumbria Dissertation Repository was launched in October 2015 to share the best of the university’s undergraduate research in History. While online repositories already exist for postgraduate theses, few include undergraduate research – despite the fact that many dissertations are original in conception, argument, and in their use of primary sources.
The History team at Northumbria is pleased to provide access to the excellent, archive-driven research undertaken by our final-year students. The dissertations included in this repository were all awarded first-class marks. They reflect the range of research expertise at Northumbria, as well as our commitment to research-based learning. Moreover, the pieces in this dissertation clearly testify to the skills, enthusiasm and hard work of our students.

University dissertation examples
Watch this short video for a student’s perspective:

The Library has access to a limited number of Undergraduate and Masters dissertations for BEd, ECS, HPAS and some M-level courses that are deliver by the University College.
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