what is a dissertation for phd

what is a dissertation for phd

PhD candidates of Utrecht University are required to offer a digital version of their thesis to the university library. The thesis will then be incorporated in the Utrecht University Repository (formerly known as the Igitur Archive). This is the digital scientific archive of the university. This provision is part of the Doctoral Degree Regulations.
Once the thesis is complete, your supervisor determines whether or not it is ready for submission and defence. A committee of professors is appointed to read and approve the thesis and to question the candidate during an oral defence.

A project on the dissertation supported by ProQuest culminated in a workshop held in Washington, D.C. in January 2016. The two-day workshop convened key stakeholders to discuss how emerging technologies and other innovations in doctoral training may shape the Ph.D. dissertation of the future. Presentations were given by graduate deans, publishers, library and information professionals, scholars, and disciplinary representatives.
CGS is leading the graduate community in discussions about the future of the PhD dissertation, and we invite you to join us.

It is an educational experience which demonstrates the candidate’s mastery of research methods and tools of the specialized field;
It is a work of original research or scholarship which makes a contribution to existing knowledge;

What is a dissertation for phd
Students interested in doing a Doctorate at the University of Potsdam can get a first overview here.

  • Regulations (18.09.2013) the English version is not legally binding, only the German version



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