senior thesis topics

senior thesis topics

Senior thesis topics
You do not need to have a topic in mind when you decide to pursue honors. There are many different ways to decide upon an honors thesis topic.
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Senior thesis topics
The Honors Thesis centers around an investigation of original thinking and offers you an opportunity to work closely with faculty members on advanced research topics or creative endeavors. The Honors Thesis is a substantial study of a carefully defined question or problem that’s important to you. This problem may be critical, experimental, applied, or creative in nature.
Every Honors Thesis will take the form of a written document that demonstrates critical thinking, a mastery of disciplinary material, and the communication of complex ideas. For the portfolio, your document will be accompanied by an artifact such as a musical score, film, computer program, or invention that embodies the work done for the thesis. The completion of an Honors Thesis concludes with an oral defense or public presentation.

The Regents senior thesis provides students the opportunity to express their ideas on the True, Good, and Beautiful using all the skills and knowledge they have gained as Regents students. A Regents education aims to create the ethically good human, being capable of producing effective, thoughtful, and grace-filled words in both written and oral form.
The process of preparation can be divided into two clear sections: thinking and writing. The thinking part of the process is the most challenging for students because they have to “discover or invent” the argument of their topic through diligent research. Ludwig Wittgenstein, a 20th century Austrian-British philosopher, captured this process eloquently saying, “Thinking is hard. What does this really mean? Why is it difficult? It is almost like saying, ‘Looking is difficult.’ Because looking intently is difficult. And it’s possible to look intently without seeing anything, or to keep thinking you see something without being able to see clearly. Looking can tire you even when you don’t see anything.” Through this process, students often discover that there is so much more to learn about their topic and the world around them.


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