what is a college theses

what is a college theses

What is a college theses
The Honors College Thesis Program provides students with the opportunity to conduct original research and to use that research to construct a thesis. The thesis itself is a lengthy document based on the student’s research that mirrors a publishable journal article within the respective academic field. The thesis is required for graduation with Highest Honors. In order to complete the thesis, students must enroll in HONS 3300 and HONS 4300 (three credits each) in consecutive semesters.
Students will produce a thesis under the guidance of a Thesis Director and their HONS 3300/4300 Instructor, who serves as the writing coach and editor who will guide students through the consolidation of research and the organization, writing, and revising of the thesis. Students must take HONS 3300 and HONS 4300, in which they will research, write, and extensively revise thesis drafts, in consecutive semesters during their junior or senior years. For more information, please follow the link to Eligibility and Requirements .

All students must complete a senior thesis in order to graduate, but don’t worry: Your faculty thesis advisor will guide you in your research, assist you with research techniques, and help you hone your presentation skills. It’s not going to be easy. But it is going to help you graduate challenged, curious, competent, and confident. According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, “capstone projects” like the senior thesis are among the 10 educational practices with the highest impact.
That cause you’re passionate about? That topic you can’t learn enough about? Start digging. Carthage is one of the few schools in the country to require a senior thesis. This is your chance to apply everything you’ve learned over the previous three years. Your senior thesis can take the form of a research project, art exhibit, music recital, portfolio, or better yet, something no one has ever seen before — including you.

Thesis/Creative Project defenses are open to the ASU community. Attending a defense is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of fellow Barrett students and to observe the defense process firsthand. Browse the postings on the calendar to see upcoming open defense dates.
For earlier projects, each Barrett campus keeps a physical library of honors theses/creative projects. Talk with your Barrett Honors Advisor about how to access the physical library on your campus. Click here to browse the database of past projects to see what is housed in the Tempe thesis library.

All research students should submit the Notice of Intention to Submit a Thesis for a Higher Degree by Research (Intention to Submit Form) no later than three months in advance of their completion date. This form initiates the identification and appointment of a committee of examiners for each thesis and, where appropriate, allows an interval for the Graduate School to investigate and resolve any concerns affecting timely submission. Recommendations for the appointment of examiners are made on behalf of the University Senate and examination of the thesis cannot commence until formal approval of the nominees.
A late submission fee is imposed on any candidate who fails to submit his or her thesis within the prescribed timescale, as detailed in the University Calendar.



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