syllabus for graduate thesis

syllabus for graduate thesis

*For MArch II students, Independent Design Thesis is taken in place of the fourth-semester Studio Option.
MArch I and MArch I AP students are required to complete a thesis project in their final semester. The thesis project is an opportunity for students to pursue a design project which they have researched and developed independently. *MArch II students may opt to do a thesis project with approval from the program director (approval must be obtained by the end of the first year of studies).

The course consists of an individual theoretical syllabus in connection with the master degree. Syllabus is defined by the student in co-operation with his/her supervisor, and must be approved by the Department of Biology.
The syllabus is not to be a central part of the thesis, but rather be of a broader character. It should give a broader scientific understanding, and preferably be of newer date. Reports can only be used exceptionally.
Literature used as syllabus in courses of lower degree will not be approved.


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