what the plural form of thesis

what the plural form of thesis

What the plural form of thesis
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The word ‘plural’ means ‘more than one.’ Most nouns are made plural by adding an ‘-s’ or ‘-es’ at the end, but some words are exceptions to this rule.

So, assuming you want to talk about the multiple goals in multiple theses, then you would use “theses’ goals”. If you want to talk about multiple goals on a single thesis, you would use “thesis’ goals.”
Thesis is singular, theses is plural. Thesis’ is singular genitive, theses’ is plural genitive. As a general rule for genitives of words ending in s, you use s’, the Saxon genitive.

There are two groups of nouns that appear to be plural, but are actually singular. These are commonly confused by test-takers.
There are two reasons why a singular subject might seem to be plural:



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