phddegree definition

phddegree definition

DGES Code: 5646
Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

  • Required courses: 9 hours
    • CRP 391D – Planning Theory
    • CRP 391D – Research Design
    • CRP 391 D – Colloquium on Planning Issues
  • Advanced quantitative and qualitative methods: 6 hours
  • Courses in a selected planning specialization: 12+ hours.
    Courses outside the field of planning: 12 hours
  • Dissertation: 9 hours

In addition to satisfying the requirements outlined in the University’s Graduate Catalog, the student must accumulate a minimum of 48 hours of graduate credit as part of the doctoral degree program in planning. These 48 hours must be distributed as follows, subject to the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee:


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