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We’re happy to present several data visualizations to give an overall sense of the OATD.org collection by county of publication, language, and field of study.

Here’s another definition that underlines some more important characteristics of a dissertation: “a substantial paper that is typically based on original research and that gives evidence of the candidate’s mastery both of her own subject and of scholarly method.”
A dissertation is a subject you chose for yourself. The first usage of the word in the English language in 1651 also gives a useful starting definition: “an extended written treatment of a subject”.

Please read about the annotations (PDF) to help you make the most of the two examples.
The module requirements for research projects may have changed since these examples were written. Refer to your module guidelines to make sure that you address all of the current assessment criteria.

Maja is the 2019 winner of the IMLI Prize for Best Student, 2019. As part of her prize, Maja will be attending the upcoming CMI Colloquium in Mexico City where she will make a presentation on her dissertation:
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In Part 2 of this 2-part series, Emerson and Jonathan continue their discussion about the motive, means, and opportunities people use to justify killing their marriage, while forgetting the ways by which to resurrect it. While acknowledging there are justified, biblical reasons for divorce, as well as terrible and difficult situations requiring local, direct, and wise counsel, Emerson and Jonathan take a look at what a couple can do to keep from murdering their marriage.
In Part 1 of this 2-part podcast series, Emerson and Jonathan begin discussing why some people leave their marriage. With motive, means and opportunity, there are many ways to sabotage a marriage and get it to end, but what are the biblical reasons for separation and divorce? Listen in to find out.

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“Dissertation and Scholarly Research: A Practical Guide to Start and Complete Your Dissertation, Thesis, or Formal Research Project” is designed for students who are ABD (All but Dissertation) or who are returning to school and need to put together a scholarly research project. This book can also be used by business personnel who are applying for grants and need to submit a formal proposal. It is user-friendly and makes clever use of the metaphor of putting together an Elegant Banquet for a group of distinguished guests. Features: CD-ROM that contains links to hundreds of helpful websites; presentations on research; syllabi for teachers who are using this book as a text; and information on how to get your papers published. The affective, cognitive, and conative domains of learning are addressed; each task is broken down into its component parts; and is for your information and education.
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