Month: June 2018

whats a dissertation

Undergraduate dissertations What is a dissertation? How is it different from an essay? There are some obvious differences: an essay is relatively short – usually 1500 to 2500 words – and you

bsc thesis

Recommendations & Guidelines: Bachelor Thesis In order to support you in the preparation, structure and conduction of a thesis, we have compiled a list with guidelines and tips on finding a

meaning of thesis

thesis definition: The definition of a thesis is a proposal or suggestion that is maintained by an argument. (noun) An example of thesis is a research paper on why the United States should legalize marijuana….


A Master thesis with the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation (KTI) group allows you to become an expert in a specific area of the innovation and communication arena that is closely linked to your personal interest and future career. Under close supervision of a staff member you will thoroughly engage in a full research cycle.