bachelor degree dissertation

bachelor degree dissertation

The following two examples have been annotated with academic comments. This is to help you understand why they achieved a good 2:1 mark but also, more importantly, how the marks could have been improved.
Listed below are some of the best examples of research projects and dissertations from undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at the University of Leeds

The masters thesis and doctoral dissertation are written documents that describe the graduate student’s research. The subject of the thesis/dissertation is chosen by mutual agreement between the student and major adviser, and must be approved by the student’s Supervisory Committee. There is no fixed length for the thesis/dissertation, although the Supervisory Committee should provide guidance on format and content.
Masters theses should reveal a capacity to carry on independent study or research and should demonstrate the student’s ability to use the techniques employed in their field of investigation. Doctoral dissertations should demonstrate technical mastery of the student’s field and advance or modify current knowledge. Dissertations should treat new material, find new results, or draw new conclusions; or it should interpret old material in a new light. It is expected that the research contained in the thesis/dissertation will be worthy of publication in appropriate peer-reviewed journals. Students are expected to prepare the manuscript(s) for publication prior to, or soon after, completion of their graduate program.

If you would like the title of your bachelor’s or master’s dissertation to appear on your degree certificate, you must enter the title in Studentweb.
If you would like the title of your bachelor’s or master’s dissertation to appear on your degree certificate, you must enter the title in Studentweb.

The Graduate College has provided Sample Pages for use in your dissertation or thesis. These samples represent the first two pages of the dissertation or thesis.
In order to graduate in a given term, a student must submit the dissertation or thesis by the published deadline for the term. Note that the dissertation submission deadline typically falls before the end of the term. The student must have defended the dissertation or thesis and gained final committee approval before submitting it for archiving. If the committee requires further revisions, the student must request a change to their graduation term from the Graduate College.

Bachelor degree dissertation
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We’re happy to present several data visualizations to give an overall sense of the collection by county of publication, language, and field of study.
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The BA(Hons), BAppSc(Hons), BCom(Hons), BSc(Hons), BTheol(Hons) and MusB(Hons) degrees are one-year postgraduate programmes, undertaken after completion of the corresponding ordinary three-year bachelors’ degrees (BA, BAppSc, etc.).
The due date for applications for most honours programmes is 10 December.

Economics: the thesis is written individually, but may in exceptional cases, be written in pairs.
Writing your thesis in cooperation with a company is an opportunity to solve a “real” problem and thus gain valuable practical experiences and contacts. However, it should be mentioned that assignments may involve some additional work to satisfy both the university and the client’s requirements.


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