uf dissertation database

uf dissertation database

Uf dissertation database
The information in this table has not be updated since 2013. Please visit ProQuest’s Full-Text Dissertation Database for the most recent documents.
(Note: the table above will only display 500 records at most. If the final row number above is 500, you may limit your search to view more records.)

Uf dissertation database
–> Expert [exp] Use for a person or organization in charge of the description and appraisal of the value of goods, particularly rare items, works of art, etc.
In the Term Sequence, the relator terms are listed alphabetically. A listing by code is provided in a separate Code Sequence list. An entry for a term to which a code has been assigned includes the term followed by the code in brackets, both in boldface. In many cases, a definition follows the relator term. Any variants of the term are also listed. The first type of variant term is preceded by the symbol UF (“used for”). For example:

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