degree thesis

degree thesis

Since the first session 2014/2015:
Starting from academic year 2014/2015 only master’s courses thesis and five-year master’s courses thesis are contained in the catalogue (starting from different session depending on the course

In regards to writing on the topic and academically supervising students, please adhere to provisions as stated under the Copyright Act, BGBl.Nr. 111/1936.

The Bachelor’s thesis topic is determined in consultation with the course instructor / thesis supervisor.

If you are interested in doing your degree project/master’s thesis during your exchange at LTH, you need to contact the department in question yourself to see if there is a relevant degree project/master’s thesis available. LTH cannot guarantee supervision in every department or research division.
You need to follow the application procedures for exchange studies. In your application, you should put the code XXX920.

Degree Date: December
Application for Degree Due: October 1
Final Copy of Thesis/Dissertation Due: December 7
To assist you with the above guidelines for degree completion, please use the MS/PhD Checklist.

As a rule, a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at Arcada is written in the language of the study programme. The head of the department may grant permission for the thesis to be written in another language, but in such a case an extended abstract (10 %) must be written in the language of the study programme. During the writing process the student can seek writing guidance. The use of language in the thesis is not assessed separately, but the supervisor shall encourage the student to take advantage of the guidance available and to take responsibility for the language form of the work. Remember that the thesis is published electronically and becomes a visible business card for you!
A thesis writing guide (Guide for writers) on Arcada’s home page provides practical advice on the use of language and the presentation of written work. The guide is pertinent to all written work at Arcada.


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