undergraduate thesis

undergraduate thesis

Political Science students in the department’s Distinction program and/or in the Honors College may elect to complete a senior thesis. A senior thesis involves an independent, original faculty-mentored and faculty-supervised undergraduate research project on a Political Science topic that “makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the Discipline” (www.cur.org). Honors College students completing a thesis earn departmental honors from the Honors College.
Students electing this option complete a 1-hour thesis tutorial course, usually in the spring of their junior year, in which they prepare a thesis proposal with faculty guidance and advice. The students then complete their thesis in their senior year, mentored and supervised by a faculty thesis committee. Student theses are publicly presented during their senior years.

※Theses are to be submitted to the Academic Office via manaba.
※Theses submitted to other office or by post etc. will not be accepted.
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Undergraduate thesis
As part of their final year undergraduate degree examination for MA or BSC Psychology, students submit a dissertation based on an original research project supervised by academic staff in the department.
During 2006/07 it was agreed that all Psychology Undergraduate students would be required to submit an electronic copy of their dissertation to the Library to be stored in the Edinburgh Research Archive. This was agreed in order to enable the University to preserve its academic record.

Undergraduate thesis
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