threatment thesises by genetics

threatment thesises by genetics

II. Svahn MG, Salih G, Simonson EO, Smith CI, Brandén LJ (2004). “Protease-induced release of functional peptides from bioplexes.” J Control Release 98(1): 169-77
III. Svahn MG, Rabe KS, Barger G, Branden LJ, Dumy P, Niemeyer CM, Smith CIE (2007). “High-throughput identification of combinatorial ligands for DNA delivery in cell culture.” (Manuscript)

Threatment thesises by genetics
Genetics and Cell Biology is the home of basic, clinical and diagnostic research spanning from the molecular, cellular and organ level to individuals, families and the population. We aim at improvements in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various pathologies with a focus on the healthy living aspects.
Research outputs from the department Genetics and Cell Biology

Each genetic counseling student is required to complete a departmental research project as a requirement of graduation from the Program. To combine learning about how to conduct research in an ethical way with the practical skills needed in the profession, we require the following:

  • All students will complete a research project, but the range of topic areas and methods can vary widely (see prior project titles below)
  • During graduate school, students will complete a research seminar and a research elective, usually addressing the method or analysis approach they will utilize.
  • Students will turn in a paper written in the format for submission to a journal. We are proud that more than 50% of our students ultimately publish their research papers.
  • Students will write an abstract and are encouraged to submit it to a relevant national meeting
  • Students will create a poster, and if possible present it at a local genetics meeting.
  • Students will orally present their work at a research colloquium, usually held immediately prior to graduation.

Threatment thesises by genetics
Welcome to the Department of Human Genetics (DOHG). It is an exciting time for human genetics with the ongoing revolution in genetics and genomics. Our unique combination of a full-fledged basic research faculty along with the comprehensive clinical genetics division places us at the forefront of contemporary translational research and predictive, precision health.
We bring genetic discoveries to patients at the speed of research, with a full-fledged basic research faculty and a comprehensive clinical genetics division.

By leveraging a legacy of excellence, a team of world-class geneticists and researchers, and access to one-of-a-kind resources and collaborations, we bring pioneering ideas to life. Fueled by Mount Sinai’s Precision Medicine Initiative, our Department’s innovative, interdisciplinary approach sets it apart from any other genetics and genomics program in the world.
We are shaping the future of genomic research, medicine, and education in the largest, most diverse healthcare system in New York City.


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