bachelor degree thesis

bachelor degree thesis

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Bachelor’s theses are independent academic papers required to complete a Bachelor’s degree program. A thesis must be written within the framework of required courses. The academic degree program curriculum specifies which degree programs require a written Bachelor’s degree thesis in order to successfully complete the program.

Bachelor Theses are commissioned by companies and organizations that are:
A bachelor’s thesis is a public written work that is counted towards a bachelor’s degree and explores a narrowly focused research problem. Bachelor’s theses are commissioned by companies and organizations that are seeking information on a specific topic or are looking for summer workers or students who might write them a master’s thesis later on. Commissioning a bachelor’s thesis from a student is free of charge.

Bachelor degree thesis
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Here you can find recommendations for a thesis topic and information on the procedure, deadlines and assessment.
» Download: Advice for Bachelor students for PR with Bachelor Thesis – Administrative Details [PDF | English]
Here you can find information on the structure of a bachelor thesis and recommendations on how to conduct and record your research.

Bachelor degree thesis
The highest undergraduate distinction.
Only offered at a few universities worldwide, the prestigious BPhil enhances your bachelor’s degree in any major with an independent research thesis.


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