how to spell plural form of thesis

how to spell plural form of thesis

How to spell plural form of thesis
What is the plural of thesis?
The plural of ‘thesis’ is ‘theses.’ The word ‘thesis’ is singular. To make it plural, you change the ‘-is’ at the end to ‘-es’.

Apostrophes show possession (ownership), indicate a contraction (the omission of one or more letters or numbers), or are used to form the plurals of some letters and abbreviations.
Use an apostrophe to form a possessive noun or pronoun.

So words like he and she are singular, personal, definite pronouns, and words like anybody and anyone are singular, indefinite pronouns.
Plural pronouns are simply pronouns that refer to plural nouns. But, like singular pronouns, plural pronouns can also be personal and definite or indefinite, and they refer to plural nouns or groups of nouns.


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