phd with a dissertation

phd with a dissertation

Phd with a dissertation
The dissertation is the capstone piece of the PhD education. It represents an independent and original piece of scholarship and demonstrates the doctoral candidate’s mastery of both content material and the research process. Doctoral candidates complete their dissertation after finishing coursework, passing their comprehensive exams and receiving approval for their thesis proposal from their dissertation committee.
Students work closely with their PhD supervisor and committee while conducting their PhD research and in writing the dissertation. The final product typically consists of three article-length chapters, an introduction and a conclusion.

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Phd with a dissertation
On these pages you will find all the relevant information about the submission of a PhD dissertation and the defence.
The PhD dissertation is submitted in PDF format by e-mail. Before submitting the PhD dissertation, the PhD student has to complete and close the PhD plan.

Phd with a dissertation
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The PhD dissertation is a research document that makes a significant and original contribution to existing knowledge in the discipline. While the precise form of the dissertation will vary by field, the dissertation’s fundamental function as an element of doctoral training is to attest to the author’s capacity to produce novel scholarship independently according to the standards of a particular academic discipline. This is why the final requirement of the dissertation is for it to undergo an examination by a panel of scholars in the field who can ascertain the originality of the argument advanced as well as its adherence to the conventions of the discipline.

It demonstrates the student’s ability to address a major intellectual problem and arrive at a successful conclusion; and,
It is an educational experience which demonstrates the candidate’s mastery of research methods and tools of the specialized field;

Phd with a dissertation
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  1. Typically a PhD dissertation contains six chapters: one chapter with a general introduction, four chapters with results of original research and one chapter with a general discussion, conclusions and perspectives
  2. Generally, a minimum of two research papers should have been published in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal or been accepted for publication
  3. The PhD candidate is the sole first author of the majority of the publications
  4. Typically, the publications have been published not longer than five years ago
  5. The PhD dissertation is presented in book form and written in English

PhD candidates of Utrecht University are required to offer a digital version of their thesis to the university library. The thesis will then be incorporated in the Utrecht University Repository (formerly known as the Igitur Archive). This is the digital scientific archive of the university. This provision is part of the Doctoral Degree Regulations.
The thesis will be made public (parts of it may have already been published as articles in international journals during the PhD). Dissertations from Dutch universities generally meet the highest academic standards and are therefore held in high regard.

The PhD program builds on previous nursing education and consists of courses in nursing knowledge and theory development, nursing research, advanced statistics, cognates, a comprehensive examination, and a dissertation. This is a product of independent research that makes an original contribution to nursing science and demonstrates the candidate’s intellectual competence. Graduates of the PhD program have a strong foundation in inquiry and three major areas of expertise:
The baccalaureate degree program in nursing, master’s degree program in nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Nursing are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( .

The doctoral thesis proves that the candidate has acquired the ability to plan and perform research independently and interpret the results competenly and that the candidate is capable of solving essential problems in their respective scientific field with success.
The doctoral thesis, composed in the English language and defended in public, is a complete original work that the candidate has prepared independently. This is to be declared by the candidate in the preamble of the thesis; if a topic is composed in teamwork, the intellectual and experimental contribution of the doctoral candidate must be clearly evident for the individual evaluation.


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