bachelor’s thesis

bachelor’s thesis

Here you can find information on the structure of a bachelor thesis and recommendations on how to conduct and record your research.
Here you can find recommendations for a thesis topic and information on the procedure, deadlines and assessment.
» Download: Advice for Bachelor students for PR with Bachelor Thesis – Administrative Details [PDF | English]

Bachelor's thesis
As part of this thesis, a proof of concept was implemented that can be found here:
This repository contains the LaTeX source code for my Bachelor’s thesis in computer science (see thesis.pdf):

A bachelor’s thesis is a public written work that is counted towards a bachelor’s degree and explores a narrowly focused research problem. Bachelor’s theses are commissioned by companies and organizations that are seeking information on a specific topic or are looking for summer workers or students who might write them a master’s thesis later on. Commissioning a bachelor’s thesis from a student is free of charge.
Bachelor Theses are commissioned by companies and organizations that are:

MCEI offers students the unique opportunity of writing their Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis in a startup. As part of the university-wide MCEI accelerator program, you can conduct a project in a startup venture and help its growth while working on the project scientifically. You can also write an Inside the Venture Master’s Thesis in your own already existing startup (idea stage is excluded from this option) or in a different startup to help the advancement of the business. This option is also applicable to Bachelor’s Theses in a limited (i.e. realistic) scale and scope.
Inside the Venture Theses are written at the Chair of SME Research and Entrepreneurship (Prof. Dr. Woywode) and the general requirements for writing a Master’s Thesis also apply to it. Be sure to check them on the chair’s webpage. If you are interested in writing a classical Bachelor’s Thesis in an entrepreneurship or SME topic you can also do so at the chair.

Bachelor’s Thesis in Physics and Management are assigned and evaluated by the university lecturers in the field of Physics, Economics, Mathematics or Mathematics and Management.
The topic of the Bachelor project must be approved by the Physics Examination Board. The Application Form can be found in the pages of teh Studiensekretariat. PLease submit the completely filled form to the Chairman of the Examination Board.


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