diploma thesis

diploma thesis

The writing of a Diploma Thesis is one of the most creative challenges of the Programme and a necessary step for the completion of studies and the award of a Diploma in Financial and Management Engineering. It offers students the opportunity to prove their ability to use the knowledge they have gained during the course of their studies at the Department, working on their own and under the supervision of a member of the academic staff. In addition, it allows students to search in depth a topic of their interest by applying a rigourous scientific methodology to tackle the problem.
The writing of the Thesis normally takes place during the last two semesters of study and upon successful completion it counts for 15% of the final grade. The Thesis is examined by a three-member Committee consisting of the supervisor and two members of Faculty or Associate Teaching Staff.

Activation of sensory and actuatoric microfluidic components
Topic for a master or diploma thesis in cooperation with the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW Dresden e.V.)
Further information: link
Machine learning for medical signal processing
As part of a current research project for the prediction of epileptic seizures, we are continuously offering topics for student research (pdf).
Contact: Dr. Jens Müller

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 8:00 – 12:00
To get the diploma you should book a meeting by sending an e-mail to Mrs Bożena Jewłoszewicz ([email protected]). After setting the date:

With our focus on drive train development and innovation, we assign diploma theses in the following areas
As we are interested to meet our future employees beforehand, we permanently cooperate with universities and technical colleges. Therefore we offer students the chance to compose their diploma thesis as projects within our company.

More relevant information can be found under the “STUDIES” menu or at the site Undergraduate Studies/10th semester/Diploma Thesis.
The Diploma Thesis topic can be decided already in the 9th semester or greater, provided that the student has already selected his Department of studies and has already fulfilled his obligations in 40 courses. It is possible to work on an inter-Departmental thesis topic provided that the thesis supervisor is a member of the Department of studies selected by the student. The duration of the thesis work should not exceed 4 semesters, otherwise the topic assignment is no more valid, except if the thesis supervisor suggest an extension for specific reasons.

Diploma thesis
The diploma student presented the results of her examination:

  • 48% of the questioned businesses have evaluated the GRANDER® water revitalisation effect as “very good” and 47% as “good”
  • 90% of the questioned persons evaluated the satisfaction factor as “very good” or “good”
  • 71% had actively measured an economic advantage.

Diploma thesis
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