thesis work

thesis work

Doing Volvo thesis work often involves the opportunity to be on site. Not only does that give us a better understanding of your skills; you will get to know us better as well. We believe that a strong relationship leads to better thesis projects for all parties.
Volvo Group has a long and successful tradition of working on thesis projects together with students from universities across the globe. We offer the opportunities to make your ideas come true, and to learn alongside the sharpest minds in your field. A Volvo thesis project can be a great step forward in your career, and also the start of a long relationship with us.

All candidates must have good grades, a strong command of English, and good familiarity with MS Office. Candidates should also be highly responsible, motivated, and capable of working independently. Ideally, you should have some workplace experience.
Are you looking for an interesting and meaningful topic for your degree thesis? Do you hope to receive support during the research and writing process? Then you should take a look at our current postings for thesis topics. Maybe you’ll find just the right topic for you. Alternatively, feel free to suggest your own topic – we’d be happy to consider it.

Thesis work
As a thesis worker at our department, you will get the chance to deal with real problems in ongoing research projects, and have supervisors who are Sweden’s leading experts in the field. You get to use theoretical knowledge in practice, and get the chance to participate in exciting fieldwork,
Do you want to work with marine biology, marine ecology, freshwater biology, freshwater ecology or limnology? Make a difference for the Baltic Sea, the Skagerrak or Kattegat, for lakes or running waters!


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