phd committee

phd committee

The PhD committee at the Department of Tenology Systems (ITS) has the coordinating responsibility for the research training at the institute. The committee’s tasks include professional evaluation of applications, recommendation for admission and follow-up of PhD candidates and supervisors through annual reporting.
The members of the PhD committee are appointed for 4 years with the exception of the PhD candidate for 2 years. The committee consists of a leader, a permanent scientific employee and a PhD candidate. The administration has the secretary role.
The chair of the PhD committee is representative of the institute in the PhD program at the Faculty of Mathmatics.

  • Advising the student on appropriate course work
  • Assisting with thesis development
  • Evaluating the final thesis product

One member of the Doctoral Committee serves as Chair and typically this individual will serve as the candidate’s principal thesis advisor. The Doctoral Committee must consist of at least four members, including:

The PhD Committee of the Debye Institute (DAC) represents and attends the interests of the PhD candidates and postdocs working within the Debye Institute.
Each research group is represented by at least one PhD candidate. The DAC’s main goal is to unite the six research groups by organising activities and events such as the biannual Do! Days, the Debye Sports Day, and the social programme during the Spring School. DAC members regularly meet with the Debye board to discuss issues that concern PhD candidates within the institute. Read more about activities and events within the Debye Institute.

Phd committee
The PhD community at the Faculty of Archaeology is diverse, international, and interdisciplinary. The committee is run by a rotating group of PhDs dedicated to providing a dynamic and friendly environment for the PhD community. It organises monthly events to promote community-building and interdisciplinary dialogue. Examples of such events are the PhDrinks – an informal community-building event – and the PhDebates – a discussion platform for topics ranging from cutting-edge research to life as a PhD.
PhD Graduate School of Archaeology

Upon entering into the program, each PhD student will have an academic advisor appointed by the VSG Committee to guide his or her study. When a student decides his or her specialized research area, the VSG Committee will, in consultation with the student, appoint a research advisor from the college faculty as his/her research mentor. The research advisor will replace the academic advisor to assist the student in working toward the doctoral degree.
The VSG Committee will also, with consultation of the student and his/her advisor, appoint a Doctoral Dissertation Committee to guide and assist the student in his/her doctoral dissertation. The Dissertation Committee requires at least four faculty members comprising:


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