master defense

master defense

Here are the deadlines for MIB students defending their Thesis after DDP with LUISS:
Till 21 September 2019 – submission of a final Master thesis to research advisor
Till 23 September 2019 – precheck your master thesis for plagiarism at

Master defense
Rebecca Anderson, a PhD student at the University of Rhode Island, presented her Masters Thesis Defense for her Master of Science in Biology at PSU on Friday, October 3rd at Boyd Science Center. Becky discussed her ground-breaking research on the effects of the biomedical bleeding process on horseshoe crabs. 141003 Anderson Defense-Bio
Chair: Chris Chabot
Boyd Science Center
Room 210

The Examination Board also appoints an external adviser, who is asked to assess the ‘publishability’ of the article in an official referee report. The examiners, though not bound to follow the verdict of the external adviser, will take his or her verdict into account in their deliberations.
At least one month before the intended submission date, the thesis supervisor requests the examination board to appoint a committee of examiners (CoE)

The MSc thesis defense is a public event. Students hold a presentation lasting approximately 20 minutes which is followed by a discussion. A committee set up by the supervisor consisting of at least two persons, at least one of them being a professor, will pose follow-up questions to the student. This committee will make its final assessment of the thesis immediately following the defense.
Thesis Supervisor and Committee Members

What do to:
A thesis or a research project must be completed, orally defended and approved by the committee at least two weeks prior to the end of a regular semester.

Two years ago, Tishk International University opened the first joint master program with the public universities. The program was allowed by the ministry of higher education & scientific research, KRG, since TIU was ranked in the first group of the national university ranking (NUR).
Today, June 18, 2020, in the presence of Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, President of TIU, both Vice presidents, guests, and master defense committee members, Blind Saadi Hussein, was the first student to present his master thesis. He is a student of law faculty, the joint master program of law faculty was opened in collaboration with the Sallahaddin University.

Master defense
For a comprehensive overview of the current research within the department including links to faculty, faculty research groups, and research areas, please visit the Research section of the MSE website.
M.S. students conduct research with one of the MSE research groups. Current MSE faculty research interests fall broadly within four key strategic areas Energy Production and Storage, Electronics and Photonics, Bio-inspired Materials and Systems, and Green Technologies. Research results are written in the form of a thesis and defended in a thesis defense.


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