thesis grade

thesis grade

Each term a student successfully completes a semester of thesis units (6.ThM)–in which they have submitted the thesis proposal or are in the process of writing the thesis–they will receive a grade of J (satisfactory). During the semester that students submit a thesis for the MEng degree, their supervisor will provide the undergraduate office with a final letter grade. Incompletes are not granted for 6.ThM.
If a student fails to submit a thesis proposal within the first term of the MEng Program, the Undergraduate Office will record a grade of U (unsatisfactory). Thesis supervisors may also request a grade of U if students do not make satisfactory progress on the thesis project.

My Master’s thesis was granted 9/10. It was the highest score even given for a thesis since the progam was founded (8 years sonner). How can I highlight it in my resume without looking ostentatious? Thanks!
Great mark and well done! However, this is hard to mention without looking a little ostentatious as you say, so it’s probably better to just include your overall degree result. Presumably if you got such a high mark for your thesis, you would have attained a distinction for your degree. If you did not do so and attained a pass or merit, and you include your thesis mark, this could raise questions as to why you ended up getting a lesser mark in your degree. If you did get a distinction overall – then congratulations – and that mark would speak for itself. If you really do want to include it, do so in the most minimalist way, such as Thesis – Thesis Title (9/10). Supervisor – Dr XX XXXX.

If your results for a taught course are not showing in Student Services Online four weeks after the end of the exam period, please contact us.
Final results (for taught courses with or without a final exam) are usually available between 10 and 20 days after the last day of the exam period from Student Services Online only. The marks or grades returned to you in Canvas are not final and may still be subject to review. Summer School final results are usually available between 10 and 15 days after the last day of the exam period, again from Student Services Online.


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