bachelor’s dissertation

bachelor’s dissertation

Bachelor's dissertation
Words may be right-hand truncated using asterisk (*).
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Use the search bar below to find our published BSc theses. You can narrow your search by selecting a specialization.

Here you can find recommendations for a thesis topic and information on the procedure, deadlines and assessment.
» Download: Advice for Bachelor students for PR with Bachelor Thesis – Administrative Details [PDF | English]
Here you can find information on the structure of a bachelor thesis and recommendations on how to conduct and record your research.

Bachelor's dissertation
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If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

More information can be found on the leaflet (PDF, 110 KB) .
The Bachelor thesis can only be abandoned in exceptional circumstances. An official written request stating the reasons must be submitted immediately to the Director of Study. There needs to be a compelling reason for abandoning the thesis from the second half of the allotted processing time onwards, otherwise abandonment is not possible.

Please send your requests together with your CV to [email protected]

  • What field are you studying?
  • What year are you in?
  • In what area would you like to apply your work?
  • What specific topics do you enjoy?
  • What is the deadline to submit your paper?
  • What kind of cooperation do you envision with our company?
  • What information will you require from us?


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