thesis organization

thesis organization

Thesis organization

  • The Library will accept either the signed & unsigned Approval Page and Supervisor Revision memo OR the Results, Approval, & Degree Recommendation (RAD).
  • For further assistance, please contact the Assistant for Theses: [email protected]
  • Students will be required to upload the Results, Approval, & Degree Recommendation (RAD) form to the Thesis Registration System. This form replaces both the signed Approval Page and the Supervisor Revision Memo.
  • In addition, the Declaration of Committee (DoC) page will replace the unsigned Approval Page on page ii of a student’s capstone.

Theses are organized into three sections that appear in sequence as follows:

  1. Front matter (including title and approval pages, the table of contents, list of tables, etc.)
  2. Body (introduction, chapters, figures and tables)
  3. Back matter (including notes, references or bibliography, appendices, and biographical sketch).


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