escribir meaning

escribir meaning

The infinitive ( el infinitivo ) is the most basic form of a Spanish verb. Verbs in the infinitive form are not conjugated and do not indicate anything about who is performing an action or at what point in time the action is taking place.
Many verb tenses use a form of the infinitive as the stem to which verb conjugation endings are attached. In general, for regular verbs, you simply need to remove the infinitive ending ( -ar , -er , or -ir ) to find the stem, and then you can the add specific endings needed to give tense/subject information.

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It is a famous quotation from JosГ© MartГ­ (1853-1895), liberal politician, journalist, philosopher and Cuban poet. The full quote is: quot; There are three things everyone should do during his lifetime: planting a tree, have a child and write a book quot;. It is a recommendation which suggests that to achieve a full life and transcend, it is suitable to carry out these three tips, before his death without having done.

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