my dissertation is bad

my dissertation is bad

I’ve spent the summer working on turning parts of the dissertation into publications. It struck me today that my dissertation was bad. Specifically, I think it was poorly researched and written far too hastily (I definitely finished in a rush and would have preferred longer). For example, there are bodies of literature that I probably should have read and cited in my dissertation that I never even knew about. I’m only reading them now for the first time, and I feel kind of embarrassed that I didn’t find them when I was writing up.
Quick background: I’m one year out from the PhD in a non-TT position, looking for a TT job.

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I am a Ph.D. student who is at most two semesters away from graduation at one of the top institutions in the field. My field is not well-funded and can be highly competitive, and I am especially concerned because my dissertation is not very relevant to the field I am interested in(I wrote/presented/am on the way to publish some other research papers that are more relevant to the field of my interest, but these are unrelated to my dissertation), and because I find it very uninspiring and uninteresting; it is based solely on a meta-analysis and not on any actual innovative research.
I am not intending to publish the dissertation, since I feel that the additional work needed to submit will be simply a waste of time, and I do not want bad research papers to be associated with my name.


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