how to search for dissertations by topic

how to search for dissertations by topic

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You may also want to consult these sites to search for other theses:

You can find dissertations on a topic by using the ProQuest Dissertations database and doing a keyword search.
Note: the quotation marks tell the database to search for these words as a phrase and not as individual words.

  • Click on the search button.
    • Brainstorm search terms – the keywords and concepts relating to your topic (see the example given below)
    • Develop effective search techniques
    • Plan your search
    • Don’t rely on only one resource for finding relevant material
    • Manage your search results
    • Take time to read our guides to effective searching and conducting your literature review, they will save you a great deal of time when searching for relevant materials in the long run.

    The Library can offer a wealth of resources, both in print and online to support your dissertation research. But, if you do not know how to search for these effectively you may be missing out on key materials.

    ‘Remember that you have made it to the last term of third year [or beyond]; you have got this far because you are a capable and talented individual; use the confidence you have earnt from this to bring flair and originality to your work.’ (Ghaleb, Third-year Geography student)
    ‘Talk to your lecturers, your supervisor, your course mates. They offer the chance not just for a fresh perspective, but also for you to develop your reasoning.’

    Dissertations and theses general provide a comprehensive literature review and extensive bibliography for the topic, as well as original research. In addition, if you are contemplating graduate study, skimming the dissertations and theses of your potential departments and advisors can give you an inside look into the scope and nature of research there (hint: read what students write about their advisors in the acknowledgements section!)
    Doctoral dissertations and master’s theses are rich information resources. In the past, they have been very difficult to obtain, but many are now readily available through various databases and repositories.

    How to search for dissertations by topic
    Physical copies can be borrowed under the same policies as books from the library’s collections.
    UofSC Dissertations & Theses
    Online access is limited to current students, faculty and staff of the university, with the exception of Open Access dissertations and theses which are available for download in Scholar Commons.

    How to search for dissertations by topic
    2. In Advanced Search, select ” in subject ” from the drop-down menu, and ” is (exact) ” from the second drop-down menu. Type ” theses [subject/department]” into the search field. For example, if you are interested in finding theses from the History department, you would type “theses history” into the search box and then click Search .
    1. To search for theses and dissertations by subject from the University of Washington, go to the Advanced Search option on the UW Libraries homepage.

    A demand purchase program allows Northeastern’s library to order foreign dissertations at no charge as part of our CRL membership. Searching is open to all, but ordering dissertations requires current NU faculty, staff, or student status.
    Finding Northeastern Dissertations:

    You may also search within our Digital Library for FAU theses and dissertations. In the FAU Research Repository, click on “Electronic Theses and Dissertations.” Options are available to search the entire collection or portions of the collection as well as sort or narrow the results.
    ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global includes theses, dissertations, and dissertation abstracts for most U.S. academic institutions. It contains a significant amount of new international dissertations and theses both in citations and in full text. If the full text of an item is unavailable, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan.


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