dissertation outline example

dissertation outline example

• Conclusions
• Recommendations (if appropriate)
• Introduction
• Literature survey
• Methodology
• Results (if appropriate)
• Discussion

Step 1: Revisit your work plan (See Stage 7: Creating a Work Plan) to build in significant time for writing and manageable deadlines (for example, a certain number of pages per day).
Step 4: Use outlining and mapping to organize your ideas logically and to write efficient drafts.

The purpose of a proposal is to convince your dissertation or thesis committee that you are ready to start your research project and to create a plan for your dissertation or thesis work. You will submit your proposal to your committee for review and then you will do your proposal defense, during which you present your plan and the committee asks questions about it. The committee wants to know if your research questions have academic merit and whether you have chosen the right methods to answer the questions.
In the graduate student timeline, the proposal comes after successfully passing qualifying or comprehensive exams and before starting the research for a dissertation or thesis.



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