dissertation committee request email sample

dissertation committee request email sample

Hi – I need to send a formal email to couple professors to invite them to be in my dissertation committee and I wrote the following email but I am not sure if it is good to send. The first 2 sentences sounds wrong to me but I did not know how to fix them. Could you please help me? Thanks!

I am writing to invite you to serve on my dissertation committee. I would be very grateful to have you in my committee and enrich my work with your insights.

Dissertation committee request email sample
I have to send out emails to potential committee members but I don’t know what to write in the subject line. Any suggestions?
I just put “thesis committee request” in the subject line. To me, it’s best to be straightforward. Tell them the rundown of your research, then why you want them on your committee (is their research very similar to yours? Do they provide a new perspective from tangentially related research such as an ecologist on a biochemistry project? Do you just really respect their opinions and want to be advised by them?). Then ask if they’d be willing to serve on your committee. I usually offered to meet in person to talk about it if they wanted to, but none felt the need to and were content to send back a yes via email.



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