how long does a phd dissertation have to be

how long does a phd dissertation have to be

Our school motto is taken from Isaiah 40:31:
“Those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles: they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not grow weak.”

For this thesis, I had to read three very long novels that I hadn’t ever got round to before and two poetry collections (other texts that it dealt with were very familiar with me and directly in line with my precise expertise, hence the selection as an examiner). I then had to read the thesis itself. I then had to write up my comments in the independent report on this (4,200 words). I then travelled across the country, conducted the viva, wrote the co-report with the internal, stayed overnight in a hotel, and travelled back the next day.
I examined a Ph.D. thesis this week. I usually do about two or three of these a year. I was curious to work out how long it takes to undertake this task, so in my slightly obsessive fashion, I got cracking on the time tracking.

The University requires examiners to provide their examination report within two months of receipt of the thesis. However, for varying reasons, the thesis examination process can take between three and six months. The most appropriate examiners are not always able to comply with our deadlines or may experience unforeseen delays.
Following the return of examiners’ reports, a Sub-Committee will make a recommendation to the full Research Training Sub-Committee (RTSC). Following the RTSC determination, candidates will be advised of the Committee’s decision and copies of the examiners’ reports will be provided at that point. The outcome letter and examiners’ reports will be sent to the candidate’s NUmail account and a hard copy of the documents will be posted to the candidate’s mailing address.


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