professional writing in computer science

professional writing in computer science

A Minor in Professional Writing gives you communication tools that are essential to today’s work environment. Designed for students in any major, the program adds value to all degree programs by training students in areas such as business and technical communication through practical exercises and assignments.
When you take the Minor in Professional Writing, you’ll learn:

The minor’s flexible interdisciplinary design provides students with a combination of the intellectual capabilities and highly marketable professional skills they need to embark on a successful career. Courses offered include two core courses, in technical writing and computer systems, and a variety of additional courses ranging from computer design to advertising copy writing, from advanced technical writing to web design.
Students completing the Technical/Professional Communications Minor will possess a well-rounded education that will help them become lifelong learners, adaptable to and conversant with changing workplace dynamics.

The program spans four academic quarters –fall, winter, spring, and fall in addition to a summer component that includes either an internship or additional coursework.
The Master of Computer Science Program prepares students for immediate entry into the technology workforce as well as supports students for enhanced job opportunities and mobility. The program emphasizes computer science that applies to a wide variety of applications and industries where students learn or reinforce key computer science concepts through classroom and project-based learning, and through individual and collaborative assignments.

This interdisciplinary program prepares you to write accurate, clear, non-academic prose for a variety of audiences and situations. It teaches you how to research and analyze a wide range of topics, manage social media for professional purposes, and write and design readable, compelling documents, both in print and online. Because technology has become central to professional writing and publishing, the program is designed to encourage facility with a range of platforms and applications.
Students have a wide array of opportunities for research, internships, conferences, and networking beyond the classroom that give them an advantage to prepare for life after W&J.

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